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Burpees? Frig - I thought you said slurpees!

So I've still be having challenges convincing myself to be dedicated to month three of P90X3, but then in a FB group somebody posted a message asking who was doing the October Fusion Challenge.   Say what now?  lol.  A little more digging led to:

Just what I needed - another impossible exercise routine.   Why not?   So two challenges here -- one, Thanksgiving is this weekend and I'll be cottaging for a few days ;).  This is non negotiable.  So I may have to double up on a couple of others to fit those in.   I also just don't like Accelerator, so that one may get replace with a fall hike with Sasha :).  And two -- lots of these are a lot longer than my 30 min commitment.   So scheduling, esp this week, could be a challenge.    I figure those are seriously counteracted by two advantages: one crazy Facebook group that's flooding my newsfeed and is actually reasonably motivational, and two new videos that I'm actually interested to try.  Well except anything that has "Plyo" in the title -- those are bound to be an unpleasant experience ;)

Today was Hard Corps Cardio 1.  This series, which I've been interested in trying but haven't gotten around to (mostly because I was warned it's very repetitive) is based on training programs created for the military and on super-intensity as the workouts are only 22 minutes.   As the title would suggest, today's was cardio.  Was actually a remarkably good workout for 22 minutes.  It moves *fast* -- way more so than the other videos I've done.   It was definitely repetitive -- the same 4 exercises repeated 3 times (or 5 exercises?  Clearly my memory is blocking it; well that and I don't count particularly well at stupidly-early o'clock).   A jumping jack combo, lunging/squating, side shuffling, something they call A jumps, bear crawls, and burpees.  ALL the burpees.  And I was wrong, by my count now that makes for 6 exercises.  Regardless, go through them all at ridiculously high counts, then do it again -- some higher counts, some lower, then once more for good luck.  And then just when you think you're done...

Yup, still more bear crawls and burpees.   This is why people hate Mondays ;-P

Anyways -- this was done military drill style with the constant counting and people shouting out numbers.  Not nearly as much correction or focus on form as other videos I've done.  But it definitely moved *FAST*. A 50 count in any other video would be insane, in this one it was no big deal.     And I was super pleased that I kept up and there was no modifying.  That could be however because I wasn't exhausted due to the aforementioned lack of effort lately -- whether I could do that in the middle of an exercise program???   Questionable.

Anyways -- tomorrow is The Challenge, which is one of my favourites, followed by Plyocide which I'm dreading with a passion even though I've never experienced it before; this is even worse because there is zero time on Wed and it's a long video.  Yikes.   The Fountain of Youth on Thursday wins for more appealing name if nothing else :).  And then I'll be at the cottage ;)


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