Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

FIT (ish): Semi-fit; Kinda-fit; Someone who likes the idea of fit, but equally likes food.

So it's a brilliance or disaster kinda post.  The brilliance literally, the disaster in a first-world problems kinda way ;). But hey, I'm telling you stories ;)

We'll start with some true disaster -- I was very disappointed to learn that while it's clearly summer outside, all the waterparks are currently closed.   This thoroughly ruined my brief plans for enjoying mini-summer with a random vacation day tomorrow.  Booo.   Like I said, first world problems :)

In far less disappointing news -- Kennedy and Callie took 2nd at Bronte HT today.   For a mare that last winter wouldn't go over a trotting pole at home without stopping first -- and when she *did* go, it was borderline dangerously out of control, this is pretty awesome improvement.   And, well, amazing summer weather made for an all-round lovely day :).  Seriously brilliant.   And so much fun to watch them galloping on XC -- under control and both horse and rider focused on what was coming up.   Also good to see that fences that were a challenge earlier in the year, were not today.  So overall, my inner coach is doing a happy dance.

My inner athlete however, is less happy.  This because not only did I fall off the wagon, I broke the axle and lit fire to the contents ;-P.  Some people miss a day here or there, or maybe cheat on the diet one meal...   But when do I ever do things the way most people do???  ;-P.  Lol I was so proud of finishing month two that I celebrated with an entire week of no exercise and ALL the junk food.  I'm not even slightly exaggerating -- there was one day that I deemed Cinnabon an appropriate dinner.  Dinner.  Not snack or desert.  The entire meal.   It was a rough week.  About the only thing I did right was sleep (arguably because I was in a food coma?)    I got like 8-10h every night.  I actually can't remember the last time that happened in real life.  Combination of amazing new comfy bed that means I wake up not sore (win! -- who knew this was a thing?) and husband who goes to bed insanely early because he also choses to get up when any reasonable person would look at the clock and be thrilled to still have a few hours left before morning.   So I joined him at bedtime and chose not to get up with him ;).  Thus, many many hours of sleeping....  Wonderful sleeping...  Unsurprisingly, absolutely nothing remotely productive was accomplished last week.   

So today starts a new week.   I *did* exercise today - so am officially back on track.  Woohoo!   And was pleased that neither my weight nor my strength seem to have deteriorated too much from my random detour.   And I got my steps in -- at least partially because I lost my phone when walking XC with Kennedy (see superstar note above) so got to go walk it a second time in search of said phone.  Disaster.  Ugh.  But then brilliance -- I found it.  It was angry because it was overheated and was definitely on the landing side of a jump which would've been disastrous, but as that jump had not yet been on course, it was still safe ;).   

Also, inspired by random youtube videos, I have stumbled upon adult trampolining course at a local gymnastics club.  Enquiries have been made ;). No idea if anything will come of it -- if nothing else, all fall sessions have already started.   But I imagine it could make for some amusing blog posts.  Or not.  I'm not sure how entertaining I can make "I jumped up....   and then I came down".   Stay tuned.


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