Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The saga continues...

Whether through the power of the Internet or somebody smartened up a little, I got a call from Sharpe's today. Message on my phone: "I understand there was a miscommunication about your shavings order yesterday. If you'd still like them, we'd be happy to deliver them today." Sweet. And even better, they're going to send me the ones I actually ordered rather than the substitute ones. Which, on the one hand, is excellent. But on the other - why couldn't they just have sent those in the first place??? Or if they *really* didn't have them (maybe got some today? I doubt it somehow, but I suppose it's possible) why wouldn't they tell me that when I ordered them? Or as I mentioned yesterday, call me when they realized they didn't have any and ask if I'd take the other ones instead. *sigh*

They haven't arrived yet, but we'll see.

Definitely still calling the other guys for the next round.


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