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Customer Service FAIL

So I usually try to only post good things on the blog, but this was just so ridiculous I figured I should share...

I regularly (like every week) order feed and shavings from Sharpe's. Now I know they're huge, and my tiny little school is nothing in the way of income to them, but still - I pay my bills on time and order consistently.

So this week they deliver just the feed and not the shavings. Ummm not good - I only have enough shavings for a couple extra days, not a whole extra week. So I call and ask where said shavings are. "Well we didn't have the type you wanted so we didn't send any."

Ummmm excuse me? "Do you have any shavings?"

"Oh yes, we have lots of the other type."

"So why didn't you call and ask if it was ok to substitute?"

"Oh well we figured you wouldn't want them. It says you wanted this kind."

"Well yes I wanted that kind, but any shavings are better than no shavings."

"Oh... Yeah probably."

"So can you send over some shavings?"

"No, the truck was already there. We only send to that area on Thursdays."

I'm sorry what??? You screwed up, you made absolutely no effort to find the slightest possible solution, and now that the blatantly obvious solution has been pointed out to you, you still won't fulfill it?

As I said, customer service fail. In a big way. Now open to other suggestions for feed and bagged shavings suppliers :) I realize they're pretty much it in the area, which enables them to make zero effort, but I figure it's worth looking around now. Anybody know any who deliver to Georgetown?


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