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Random update :)

Wow - I think that might be a record length with no posts! Yikes :) Sorry about that, been busy riding, teaching and oh yeah - trying to run the business! hahaha

Still actively recruiting students. Remember if you bring somebody in who signs up for a lesson, you earn a free private yourself! And, as a couple students have chosen to do, you can save said private lesson for warmer summer weather if you're so inclined :)

Have you met Bella yet? Bella's here for the week to see if she wants to stay :) She's the gorgeous dark-bay pony, who's pretty sure she's the queen. Bella will be for everybody from first-time beginners through pre-entry level eventing. She has a super-smooth canter and seems to love jumping! Just waiting for a few more of her potential riders to tell me how they like her :)

Sienna is officially for sale :( I really don't have time to ride her - and she likes to be ridden almost every day... Boooo. If you know anybody who can ride (Si's not a beginner horse) who wants an affordable superstar show prospect, send them this way...

hmmmm let's see... As far as the other ponies go: did some research into Dixie's background and found out she has superstar bloodlines :) Looking forward to introducing her to xc this summer! Jack is proving himself to be a pro - floating around the ring in dressage and mastering gymnastics like there's nothing to them. Apollo has decided he loves jumping; it may never be his greatest strength but he certainly has enthusiasm for it! And as far as strengths go, he's quickly picking up the whole dressage idea. Sweet! Nick is just an all-round superstar. Almost all the adult riders seem to want to ride Nick :) Super quiet, super smooth, and knows everything - what's not to like? And Lissy... Little Lissy... Lis has proven she knows her job well. For lunge lessons and beginner riders she is super patient and super quiet. Put an advanced rider on her and she's forward and goes on the bit. She adapts to whoever is on her and is learning super-fast.

Be sure to check out our FB page: I'm posting something new there (usually youtube vids :) every day! Check them out and let me know what you think! The feeds will also post on the home page of the Graduate Riding School site.


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