Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The first few days are always fun...

hmmmm "Your book has been received and is #332 in the queue." -- so approximately sometime about oh 1 or 2 am tonight's nano will be up. hahaha ah well -- they're letting us use their great service for free, I guess a little bit of a lineup is fair enough :)

I'm amazed people actually seem to be reading it! (or, well, at least downloading it :) That's almost as exciting to me as writing it. Makes it way more motivating than the last time I did this. hahaha

So for the moment I'm still a few days ahead in writing than publishing (yeah starting with a running start). Very handy since I don't always write in order, so for the moment I still have enough time to go back and fill in the pieces before publishing. But the publishing is catching up! hahaha well we'll see :) I've got the start, and pieces of the end... Now I just need the in-between! hahaha

On the horse side of things, Si's mystery lameness was conclusively diagnosed earlier this week as a rather excessive bruise on the toe (farrier took pads and shoes off so we could see what was going on :) So while that sux, it's not tragic. She's still hovering in the 95% range, so hopefully good to go soon.

Ok, off to write something for tonight... Wish me luck!

oh and hey -- I'm now only 315 in queue >;-P Enough procrastinating.


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