Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

There just *might've* been skating in hell today...

What an amazing day! Started with a very tasty breakfast next door. mmmmmmm raspberry pancakes! Then we took a gondola up to the top of Sulphur Mountain. We were really early so no lines and no crowds. Amazing views. Which we followed with a hike to the old weather station and even MORE spectacular views. I love the shadows of the fluffy clouds on the mountains. Very kewl. N you could see the highway we were on yesterday far below.

Some parts of the trail were rather steep!

So after our gondola and our hike we chilled for a bit and then went for another hike *g* We followed a path that was fairly entertaining, if a little precarious in places, only to get 3/4 of the way along and find a "danger" sign for people coming the other direction. hahaha which of course we promptly ignored and continued
following our interesting trail. I'm not sure whether I'm corrupting my mother r I've inherited that tendency from her! hahaha I'm highly entertained by the various signs around the area. Far more entertaining than the ones @ home. N some fo the graffiti on them makes me laugh.

The graffiti here reads: "Head First Dives Only!" and "No walking with sticks!"

So this evening we went for a trail ride and cowboy dinner. Note I said "we". Yes that's right. My mother who the first horse I've ever seen her willingly go near is Sienna, actually agreed to go trail riding. It was a HUGE group. A bus-load of Aussi's and a few miscellaneous tourists. The horses were, of course, of the "may as
well be a stuffed toy" variety. Incredibly quiet. I was on Diablo -- a 15.2ish square tank. hahahha HUGE bone -- could probably easily have carried 3 of me. Both a breastplate and a crupper gives you an idea as to his shape. Mum rode Pablo, who was a little slimmer and quickly proved himself to be a saint. Just about right :)

We had perfect weather and of course stunning scenery. M & R you would've loved this hack -- Rocky Mountains certainly put any hills in our area to shame! hahaha And the cowboy dinner? Very yummy. Steak, baked potatoes, beans, ceaser salad, and a variety of deserts (I had a raspberry crumble creation).

Camera Wars!

And then on the way back, we wandered past four elk hangin out in a football field. Two were tagged, two were not. Apparently the wolves won't come near people if they can avoid it, so the elk come hang out to avoid being prey. hahaha reasonable of them *g* Since this was right at the end of the trail, after I dropped the horse off
I came back to see and take pics. Was amazing how close I could get. N very kewl to watch the herd dynamic as one stood guard, one paid attention, and the other two chilled. Anyways -- took just a *few* pics today. Later!


2 notes for you:
1) Very jealous of the hack. I hacked up a mountain once in Kamloops with an old school cowboy and a couple friends. We have NOTHING like it here. M and I saw 2 deer at Hilton the other day, that's the end of our hacking excitment LOL

2) Why are you never holding your reins when people take pictures of you hacking? ;)


hahaha omg R I laughed when I read that :) But really, if you have to hack with reins, clearly you're not ready to be hacking yet >;-P I seem to recall having similar shots of you :)

ohhhh what'd your guys think of the dear?


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