Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Sienna seemed sound today! Woohoo! But w/ 40+deg humidex was too hot to ask her to work. Classic eh? Hopefully tomorrow.

So I went back to the blood lab again -- got there at the same time as yesterday so I was a bit concerned, but this time we were good to go. Same woman as yesterday, very apologetic about leaving early yesterday. Alright no worries then :) So all good now.

Spent the evening running errands -- and basically had amazing customer service all around. @ Staples the kid went out of his way to help us get what we needed and avoid spending more money than necessary. Then lady in Marks tried very hard to find something for us at any store in driving range. And when I tried to purchase one item, she realized it wasn't working right and gave me the heads up so I could get a new one. So then off to the next store on the list. No sales person necessary there but they *did* have what I was looking for, so that was exciting. Store after that a (conveniently tall) sales guy appeared just as we needed somebody to reach something high. AND the *last* one on the rack was one that fit.

So having run all the errands we go for dinner. Crowd of people outside. But I wanted to go in anyways "just in case" -- sure enough 15 min wait for inside or right away on patio. Patio it is. And perfect night for it.

And now as both the TV and the computer are functioning again, I'm going to enjoy wasting the evening :)


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