Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Hoping on a plane and leaving reality far behind!

Kerri and I on the bus to the hotel

There was snow when we left this morning -- and I spent the afternoon on the beach! No sleep last night, didn't even start packing till 10, bed around 12, up @ 3:15 to leave for the airport. N during those 3 hours woke up every 20 mins or so since some part of me clearly didn't trust the alarm (that manages to wake me for work every morning, but obviously can't be trusted for the *important* things in life!)

The flight left on time, but the floors were soaking wet (apparently had been cleaned but not vacuumed). A fact we didn't discover until long *after* storing our luggage under the seats in front of us. Everything was soaked - and worse, stained. Boo. Hopefully that's it for the stupid stuff this trip. Glad to get it over with early!

Kerri's shorts after being in carry on luggage

On the plus side, since my last min trip to Chapters wasn't entirely successful, I was excited to find some beach-appropriate reading material in the airport. Love those stores cause they tend to have a large eclectic collection of mindless materials. Perfect for vacation.

Blau Varadero

The hotel is gorgeous (well on the inside and out back -- the actual building is somewhat unfortunately ugly). Staff so far have been amazingly friendly. As are the other guests (who all seem to be Canadian :). We're on the 4th floor -- but to put this in perspective, the lobby is on the 3rd, and the exit to the pool/beach on the 2nd. This is very handy as the elevator is very slow so we're getting our only exercise this week by taking the stairs. Running is out. Rule #1 over the first few years has always been "keep horse between rider and ground" but for the purpose of this trip Rule 1 has been redefined as "no running". We've deemed running is not a vacation item and is, therefore banned.

Had a great time bouncing around in the waves. Tons of fun and "aqua" contacts survived! Woohoo. Worth the extra $20 since my other ones would've meant I couldn't play in the waves, or even swim, without losing them. Played some beach volley-ball where I was proven to be rather horribly inept -- but by the end I was getting better; the ball was going the direction I intended it to. I even served the winning shot! Yeah nobody was more surprised than I *g*

Lunch food was surprisingly good, while dinner lived down to Cuba's reputation. It was edible, but that's about it...

The evening offered a fairly impressive synchronized swimming routine that admittedly wasn't entirely synchronized but was an impressive display of athleticism and had some incredible costumes. They were doing "around the world" with representations of dance from various countries. Very kewl.

oh hahaha have to tell you -- one of the waitresses @ dinner had a nametag that said Zenia -- a name I thought I'd invented for one of the first stories I ever wrote when I was about 12. Makes me wonder if maybe there's a Jezina out there somewhere too :)

*edited later -- Google tells me it's a last name and a city in Kosovo but doesn't seem to be a first name. A little disappointed that it exists @ all, but such is life eh? Some of the other ones I invented for that story are not googleable though so not too bad....*


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