Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.

So it's the day after the day after and I am *sore*. Can honestly say I never realized trampolining (for that's def what it was) was such a good upper-body workout! hahaha But yeah arms/chest/shoulder muscles all feeling it today. Abs a little bit but not nearly as much as after a solid dressage lesson *g*

Grumpy mood today. Don't know if it's cause it's grey outside or what but really finding myself short on patience. Which of course heightens the stupidity of the behavior of those around me *sigh* Although Friday afternoon may be responsible for that as well. Ah well - weekend tomorrow!

So my lovely little TB who's been off for a week was a little ummmm explosive when I rode her yesterday *g* Apparently she spent that week learning how to be a normal chestnut OTTB mare. hahaha and while I appreciate that she's feeling significantly better, I *really* would like the breaks and steering put back where I left them! And would kinda prefer to only jump obstacles that *both* of us can see! hahaha was concerned that she was running off adrenaline and wasn't really ok but when I went to see her this morn her legs were still cool, she still moved sound, n oh yeah -- still high as a kite. Sheesh. Hacking this wknd could be entertaining -- pedestrians watch out!

Is it just me or is it amusing that one of the first things on CanadaPost's website is "taking steps to support mental health". hahaha came across that today n just had to share :)

Walking down the street in search of lunch today and gotta admit, Toronto is starting to reek. Ugh. Is making for some interesting photo ops though -- this one someone else created amused me:

I have been amused by Pepsi's latest ad campaign. While I really dislike Pepsi (says she who cannot function w/o her Coke! hahaha definitely took several cases to the States w/ me since theirs just isn't right!) their current advertising really catches my eye -- some of it's quite inventive. And says something for the power of their logo that that's all that's seen -- the name's not on the ads (@ least not in big print :)

Supposed to go XC tomorrow. So of course it's supposed to rain. Classic eh? Sheesh >;-P

You know you're spending entirely too much time on Facebook when you find yourself thinking in status messages! hahaha not that *I* would do that of course! Never :) But seriously ever do that? -- hear a line in a song or some random crazy part of a conversation and think "that'd make a great status message!"? Occurs to me along w/ "gotta remember that next time I can't think of anything to write in the blog". N then I think of just how sad that really is and it makes me laugh. Ah well - normal's boring >;-P I still think a pyscho-analysis of FB messages could be entertaining (if not actually particularly useful :). Maybe that can be my PHD thesis!


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