Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Back to school I go ;)

Had my first currency fail today - fortunately the cashier was very patient in explaining that what I had put down did not, in fact, add up to the total ;). There was nobody behind me being held up by this so I didn’t feel as bad.
Also, I have a new appreciation for our cash-free abilities. More places here (including the trip booked by the school for Wed) are cash only and it’s a real pita. Also, change is heavier and bigger than ours and I don’t have an appropriate carrying location for it.
But on the success side - I found another grocery store more like what I’m used to and was able to locate peanut butter, so at v least I have fruit, pasta, bread, and peanut butter sandwiches to live off ;). Also found more coffee for Chris lol.
And in exciting news - I have discovered the wonder that is Pops. Lol essentially the CR version of DQ ;). Yeah - it doesn’t take much in my world. Also thoroughly undoing the health benefit of having to walk everywhere.
I have a student card again - highly amused by this. Also got the grand tour of the tiny town - there’s a fancy gym my card will get me into, but would be a workout and a half just to get there!
Disappointed and frustrated by my first lesson today. As expected my literacy far exceeds my speaking ability - apparently my accent is pretty horrid :(. But as a result they’ve put me in a very low class. I know the stuff being introduced forward and backward. Tomorrow I’m going to ask if I can switch. I feel like I can practice my speaking while still learning (or at least reviewing!) more challenging material.
The test though was super interesting. I didn’t complete it in the time allowed but was pleased that given time I was able to answer questions (admittedly w varying degrees of success) all the way to the end (test gets harder as you go). The final ones were the level of reading I’m working on on stretch days at home.


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