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The latest challenge

So we're home and back to reality.  Last day in Zanzibar was spent at the pool and on the beach and was pretty perfect.   Even though we had to check out 12h before we left, they had a good place to hang out after dark made the pool less appealing ;)

Was so happy to see Sasha again :). She didn't leave my side till I went to work this am.  So work is work.  End of story.  Although was surprisingly nice to catch up with people -- I work with fun people.  Otherwise though *sigh*

Had a Spanish lesson the other day, trying to bring that back into regular occurrence.   I've been good about the independent work, but speaking will only improve with actual lessons.

I also randomly decided I wanted to crochet an afghan.  Came across the pattern, it said "easy" in big bold CAPITAL letters.  Capital letters.  It must be true.

It wasn't true ;-P

Lol so I bought the kit to make the easy afghan.  Just to put in perspective, I think I learned to crochet a straight line when I was in brownies and that was the last time I had anything to do with this concept.  Fortunately I also bought a beginner how-to book ;)

Okay so beginner book seems pretty clear...  Good start.  Decided I needed some spare wool to practice and learn some basics before tackling The Project.  Wool is not something that floats around our house, but it *does* tend to float around Mum's.  Lol so quick text and sure enough, she has lots to spare :)

So she gave me a quick 101 on how to crochet -- and her hands flew and it looked just so easy.  Yeah - so is posting trot.  Unless you're a complete beginner.   I tried and devolved into giggles it was so hopeless.  Also, still jet lagged so decided to pause and went home to sleep.

Today I tried again.  The first row is okay, but then when the actual crocheting starts...  Ummmm - couldn't remember how Mum showed me to do it, and my book - which is pretty simple - I couldn't follow the diagram.  Fail.   Enter YouTube's How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners.   Lol google win.  This person knows how to teach true beginners.   In slow motion, showing clearly how to hold all the parts, I still had to pause and replay it a few times but I got the general concept.   Actually applying, however, is more of a challenge.  lol I end up twisted around, backwards, and all kinds of creative.  I might end up with the strangest looking afghan ever.   And I've only made it to minute 5 (although I was able to skip the first 3 -win!).  At some point I might have to watch to the end ;).

Sadly the stitch I need to learn to make my afghan is not in this video.  It's gonna be a while before I can even start ;).  Well that and the fact that I don't even know how to read the pattern -- but I'm counting on being able to access Mum's mad skills for translation *g*

Anyways - that's this week's random hobby.  Wish me luck.


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