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Gold Star to Me!

P90X3 - Complete!   Woohoo!!!   Day 90 is done.

I don't know whether to frame this or burn it.
On top of being done, the last week was a rest week and I just didn't like that idea so I did a few mix and match.  Instead of agility, I subbed in MMX.  For yoga I did Eccentric Upper (I know, no connection whatsoever), and for the first Dynamix I did CVX (flashback: cardio with weights) mostly to see if I could still do it after Eccentric Upper ;)

Today's workout I was not into at all, but I was hardly going to miss day 90.  Sheesh.

Tentative plan is to try the Classic program next.  I'm not as convinced on that one since I'm definitely taking a week off when Chris and I are in Dominican ;)    And it's plausible I'll have another surgery in that 90 days, which'll mean no exercise.  Again.  Ugh.   But at very least, it'll keep things going on the right track until we find ourselves on a beach *g*

As to results and overall view of the program.   I really liked the videos -- they are very well done and  have good timing for corrective comments as well as when to encourage and when to suggest it's okay if you can't quite do it.  The humour is also inoffensive enough that watching the same video several times isn't painful -- which is a real art.   The half-hour time frame is a real motivator -- it'd be very hard to honestly claim you couldn't find half an hour, and even on the worst days I could drag myself to commit to "just 30 minutes" -- which wouldn't happen if I had to go to the gym.   I am getting the results I'd like as far as strength training goes.  However, I found the cardio insufficient -- I do think I'd get better results with more traditional cardio.  It is still a massive step up from sitting on the couch though -- and I have to admit, CVX continues to leave me a sweaty mess in ways that an elliptical never has ;)

So for me who's life currently can't accommodate a gym membership, I'm glad I found it and will continue to use it.  Once the weather's nice though, I'll be back to outdoor cardio activities.   Have to admit though, given how hard it was at the start, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting through it :)  


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