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Callie comes to camp

So Callie came to camp this week and it was all sorts of fun.   I think maybe I should start offering that as a thing *g*   Callie's person, Rebecca, is a good friend of mine and she was planning to bring Cal for the weekend when she came to teach our braiding clinic.  Then she decided to come to the Waylon clinic as well. And so it was decided that she'd stay the week and do boot camp.

They did the Waylon clinic on Sun, lessons Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat and went home on Sunday.  It was a little intense *g*  I rode Callie a few times this week -- she's a lovely mare.  She hasn't really been ridden by anybody other than Rebecca, so she wasn't always thrilled with me and what I was asking her to do (engage hind end and bend -- all at the same time!), but she tried really hard and started to get it.

Part of the goal was for her to put on her big-girl panties.  So go away from home, work without a meltdown, eat, drink and survive.  hahaha by the end of the week, the hunter princess who wouldn't go through a puddle was jumping water jumps.  She who didn't bend left, was, in-fact, bending left.  And ADD101 managed to stay focused during the supremely insane interruption lesson -- hurricane type wind outside, soccerball dogs darting through the ring, random person appearing at the back of the arena, another horse being ridden at the same time -- and leaving!  Horses being turned in and out.  And all sorts of stuff going on in the barn.  It was chaos.  Almost show-ring worthy.  And Callie kept it together and did her job.  Woohoo!

Overall it was a ton of fun, and I think they even learned a thing or two :)


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