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GRS Prostars clean up at Equus!

I was SO proud of my girls today!

Chelsea and Rowan went to Equus HT today riding Lissy and Jack respectively.

The girls had times close enough together that we didn't have to be there all day, but far enough apart that I could work with each of them individually in warm-up.

Dressage went really well for both - we had more than enough time, and while the competition ring was quite a ways away from the warmup, both horses did really well at being alone.  I would say a personal best test for BOTH girls -- so I was pretty happy about that :)   Lissy was slightly tense, so not entirely competitive, but Jack was sitting in 2nd after dressage!  Woohoo!!!

We got to walk xc, but there wasn't a ton of time, so we didn't get to walk stadium at first.  Went back to find that our supergrooms Steph and Emily had tacked up the ponies for them, and then back to stadium warmup.  Got there just enough time for a quick course-walk before warmup.

And the course was so big and had so much filler I thought it was still set for Entry.  Except that nobody was changing it.  hmmmmm.  Yup, sure enough, it was pre-entry.  Oh dear.  But the girls stepped it up.  Fortunately there was some filler in the w/u fences, so they got to jump something "scary" before having to do it in competition.

Rowan and Jack were in first and she *rode*.   I was SO proud of her.  He looked at every fence investigating for the monsters.  Fence three in particular was *terrifying*.  Could hear the conversation between Rowan and Jack from the sidelines:  "Ok that one's next" ummm Rowan, that one has monsters under it.  Let's go left instead -- I see an easy way around.  "No, we should just go over.  Let's go straight."  Well, how about left?  Left could work!  "No, still want to go over."  I don't think that's a good idea at all.   How about if we stop and admire it?  "No Jack.  You have to jump it.  Now."  Well...  If you're sure... "Yes.  Go."   And he did :)   It wasn't necessarily pretty *g*  But they got over it on the first try.  Sweet.  The rest of the course included several more discussions but they all required less negotiation than that and Rowan did her job every. single. stride.   It was amazing to watch.  Especially from a green rider -- she behaved like a pro!

Chelsea got to watch that and clearly learned from it.  She also knows her pony well enough to know that if Jack was nervous of a jump, Lissy would be terrified of it.  So she went into the ring prepared, but slightly concerned.  And she got a good start -- Lis wasn't even sure the first fence was a great idea, but they did it :)  That third one though she *almost* jumped it -- but then scattered all the poles everywhere in a super sliding stop...  The only down-side of the QH side of her!  *sigh*   The bell was rung, and even though Chelsea's never been in that situation before, she figured out enough to wait while they rebuilt the fence for her and then she re-presented calmly and quietly but with a strong ride and sure enough they hopped over it on the second try.  She had to really ride her way around the rest of her course - and she did it.  Every single fence she did her job and Lissy, who absolutely adores her, trusted her enough to jump all the scary fences :)   Again, so very proud of her.   Wow.
Has the rain stopped yet?
And then it was time for xc :)   And just as Rowan headed out to the w/u, the skies opened and we got soaked.  Short but torrential rain.  I know we needed rain, but did we really need it right that second?  *sigh*  Ah well - part of the game.  Fortunately it stopped before she had to actually run.

Equus being the way it is, with just a little bit of jogging we were able to watch almost the entire course.  Rowan was feeling more confident than her last round and they had a nice steady rhythm with a good combination of trotting and cantering.  She gave him an excellent ride and they jumped around clear, Rowan finishing with a huge grin on her face :)  They were unfortunately a little under time, but clear and safe and had fun -- so all good!

Chelsea headed out shortly after Rowan's return, and the grin was on her face from the first fence.  It made all the challenge of stadium worth while as she and her pony went for a good run around the course.   They were a little *faster* than technically required, but still within the time allowed.   Awesome job!

So in the final standings, this game being what it is, Rowan - despite a spectacular ride - dropped down a few places with the time faults to finish in fifth, while Chelsea jumped her way out of trouble to end in third.
Not sure which one is having more fun!
Awesome job ladies!


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