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Kindergarten Fail

Definitely failed puppy kindergarten today.  Oh my.

Sasha could do everything we were supposed to do -- easily and then some.  But focusing when there are *PUPPIES* everywhere????   Yeah that was *not* going to happen.  Oh my.   Absolutely ridiculous.

Not like I've ever had any *other* young animals who were interested in everything but what they were supposed to be doing *g*  hahaha thus I'm not too concerned yet...

At the intro class they warned people that the puppies will learn to behave in class, but unless they practice at home won't behave outside of class -- attempting to scare them into doing their homework I guess.  I *would* have the puppy who behaves beautifully outside of class and is a complete disaster IN class ;-P   hahaha but by the end, if she can do it in class, with puppies and children around, she should be an absolute superstar at home.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

Went to Ikea this evening.   That was a challenge and a half :)  We find the aisle we need at the very END of the store.  Trek all the way to the end and yet our number doesn't appear.... hmmm look around a corner -- the aisle continues in a spin-off aisle stuffed in this tiny section in the middle of nowhere.  Classic :)   Did eventually get all the requisite pieces and escape though, so all good :)

And your video interlude for the evening.  Very impressive, although I suspect if I had this much free time and this many books at my disposal, there'd be a lot more reading and a lot less filming happening.  But I'm boring that way *g*  Enjoy!


Now, now, now, puppies don't 'fail' puppy classes. ;-) Sorry, professional dog trainer required to say that. Have fun! :-D


Yeah I've never been good at the "everybody's a winner" idea. We definitely failed. When the teacher needed an example of a very distracted puppy to correct, he borrowed Sasha >;-P This is not a good sign.

But it'll just be all that much MORE impressive when we're winning agility next year


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