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Cute puppy moment of the week

So yesterday I was done the barn super early (made up for it by being super slow today!) and had all sorts of ambitious plans for the couple hours I saved. Plans including going and picking up some much needed supplies, riding my horse, etc. But instead, the idea of a nap planted itself in my little brain and prevailed.

So I have my wonderful new office now that I absolutely LOVE. And it has exactly two items in it as of this point -- a heater (yeah!) and my comfy chair. Said comfy chair is a takeoff on a papasan chair. Not actually particularly good to nap in but I'll take what I can get. Esp after being late on Wed night.

Sash was pretty tired so I figured she could come have a nap too. I took two of my puffiest saddle pads and her stocking and brought them to the office for her. Knowing that I prefer the temp to be significantly warmer than she does I put her "bed" next to the window, figuring it'd be a little cooler there. I left her with her toys and curled myself into a ball in my chair.

Those of you who are familiar with this type of chair will realize that means I could not see anything Sasha was doing -- but literally the only non-puppy friendly thing in the room was the heater so I wasn't too concerned. And I could hear her moving around and fussing a bit, but she seemed ok and eventually I snoozed.

Sort of like this, only to sleep I tipped it down so it looked like a bowl with all the sides equal height...

Woke up about 20 mins later to silence. Get up carefully in case Sasha was actually under the chair or something like that and look around. Sasha has taken both saddle pads and brought them over directly next to my chair, and was sleeping on them using the stocking as a pillow. Really wish I'd had my camera. I guess company is better than comfort :)

Needless to say none of the ambitious projects got accomplished, but it was too cute -- kinda made my day. No napping available today -- just as well since Sasha was *spun* all day. She's pretty entertaining when she's like that though, so kept me amused.


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