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GRS students clean up at GEC!

So several students ventured into hunter world today, participating in the schooling show at Georgetown Equestrian Centre. We had students in every division and took WAAAYYYY more than our fair share of the ribbons! Woohoo!

Let's see... Hailey was the only GRS student who chose to enter the hack division - coming out with two firsts, one second, and one third. Not half bad for her first ever hack! And really - the third was pleasure hack... If you've seen Bella go, you know that's never going to be her sport. Hailey earned the third by riding well and getting all her leads (which not all the participants did) but Bella is never the pony you're going to put your grandmother on...

Paige was our entrant in the leadline divison. And Paige, some day, is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Because when the judge "couldn't decide" and all participants got ribbons - which of course *most* of the children were thrilled with, Paige was thoroughly (and rightfully in my mind!) annoyed, saying she'd rather have been last and *known* it than not told how she did at all. And I agree. Especially as she happened to do awesomely! (how is that actually a word???) So next time we'll up her to walk-trot and she can get actual scoring.

In walk trot we had Kassidy and Caelan. Both on their first EVER show. Kassidy's pony was choosing to test her a little and she rode *really* well dealing with everything and even taking 7th in a HUGE class of riders with WAY more experience than her. To quote one of the other riders who spoke to me later "that girl's amazing. Within a year or two she's going to be able to ride anything!" -- I tend to agree! Caelan picked up all kinds of ribbons, despite having a last-second horse change. Rode absolutely beautifully.

In 2'3" world Margaret on Nick put in possibly the nicest hunter round I've ever seen. Sadly it was in the schooling round *g* Classic eh? Fortunately she did a fair interpretation of it her second time in the ring as well, earning FIRST! Sweet. In other classes in the division she took 2nd and 3rd as well, for a flush :)

In 2'6" world Hailey and Bella were a little on the quick side, but with perfect rhythm and meeting every distance also took home BOTH red ribbons. Really, it doesn't get much better than that.

I am sooooo proud of all the girls! Thanks tons to Olivia for helping out all day and to the many friends, family and supporters who made it *such* a great day. Nothing like hearing a large cheer when you finish that perfect round :)

Pics hopefully tomorrow :)


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