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Barn clothing

Keep an eye out for barn clothing coming soon!

Hailey and I drove all the way to Scarborough to source everything today -- and for those of you who know my love of shopping will realize how much dedication this took on my part. (funny - I think nothing of driving to Orillia to ride, but the other side of TO to shop is asking way too much!) hahaha was good though, and the woman helping us was excellent. Two different weights of jackets, a really nice hoody (which both Hailey and I loved :), and I think a polo shirt. Could be something else but don't entirely remember...

Sizing samples have been ordered (I thought that'd be better than just going from sizing charts and a photo); it'll take a week longer but you'll get to try things on before ordering! The samples should be in within two weeks. Woohoo!

And I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to Shelly who generously set up the embroidery file for me -- making this whole process significantly more affordable for all! Thanks TONS!!!!


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