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Spring Fever

Alright so it occurs to me that I haven't ridden since Friday. And for some reason thought nothing of putting three horses on today's schedule. Anybody surprised by this?

So Jack was, well, a superstar. Scroll down for that story :) Did all the usual chores. Then the debate: go eat lunch or ride. The thing is if I eat, I won't usually ride. And I wasn't particularly hungry. But I've been trying really hard to make sure to eat at least two meals a day so lunch had to stay on the schedule... hmmmm ok well go get lunch fast and be careful not to get into anything too complex on the computer while I'm at it. Cause really, once I start that "more necessary" work I'm in till time to feed. So answer some emails and be done eating at about the same time. Handy that.

And head back out. Yeah! Lissy first. She's easy and fun. Usually :) But today very very annoyed with me for bringing her in without her other half *g* To be fair, Lissy's idea of protesting is to run around a little and lean instead of bend. By the end, she was back to being her usual superstar self. However, it was way more of a ride than I'd been planning on. I actually had to *work*. The nerve.

Alright so Sienna's turn. I basically decided I wasn't up to more dressage so I'd just put on jump tack and have an easy ride of the conditioning variety. Wanted to go hacking but footing was very dodgy. So go out and get on, all good. She walks two strides and starts cantering. Not actually doing anything bad and still steerable (side note - I can't believe my spell check doesn't flag that??? But misses teh???) and even somewhat ratable, just *really* wanted to canter. Of the 45 min ride, a solid 35 mins was at the canter with the other 10 being at a power trot. The first 10 mins were a bit exciting but after that some of the *best* trot and canter work ever. Forward, round, light. But really?!?!?!

So when she was eventually done, I took her out for a walk outside to cool out for a bit -- respiration dropped to normal within about a lap of the sandring. Amazing how fit she is given how rarely she's ridden these days *g* I love TBs :)

So I get off and sort of mentally celebrating being more fit than I thought I was, feeling all fine when I rarely ride more than two these days - and even that's seriously hit or miss (literally haven't sat on a horse since Fri!?!?!). Put her away and start afternoon chores and all of a sudden the adrenaline wore off. Oops. hahaha maybe not *quite* so fit afterall - just have enough instinct to ride well when I have to... And I would be wondering about Si too, except that I've ridden her when she's on an adrenaline high and that's not that horse :) Will be interesting tomorrow morning to see if *either* of us has any energy!

So I have to laugh at my latest take on "the little things" in life. It's amazing how excited I get when I actually manage to fix some little thing around the farm - like the gate latch that didn't *quite* reach. Takes no skill or knowledge to fix but somehow still easily excited but the little successes. But it kinda highlights the completely different lifestyle now. No more celebrating the finished project or the great presentation or acing the thesis - nope now it's yeah! The gate closes! hahaha but somehow so much more satisfying. Not sure exactly what that says, but it amuses me to no end.

While today was incredibly productive, tonight... Sadly not so much. All of tonight's things have been rescheduled to tomorrow. Yikes! Wish me luck :)


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