Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

To those who ask why...

So this afternoon... Lessons were done - they all went well - 1st and last students doing a spectacular job and everybody in between doing well too :) One of those days where you feel everybody's progressing, but by the end I was *really* cold. Don't know why as it wasn't particularly brutal out but I was totally frozen. And really not the least bit interested in riding. But I had to. Note, didn't *want* to *had* to. Not a great sign :(

Sobeit. First do usual afternoon chores - which always seem more when you're tired and cold. Bring in all the horses and feed everybody. Clean up after the day's lessons. Good to go.

But now the horses have just eaten, so not such a good plan to ride. And I was freezing. And hungry. And that's a significantly bad combination. And... well nothing else, I just felt the need for another And *g*

So I leave the horses to their dinner and retreat to the bunkie. Some heat and food later and I'm feeling almost civilized. Not the least bit inclined to ride -- more like sleep! But at least now not actively *not* wanting to ride.

But I had to. So I tacked up my pony and out we went. And she was a star. The kind of ride that makes me cry that she's for sale. But I put that aside and really enjoyed it. So through and forward and connected and whatever I thought, she did. Just lovely.

Finish ride and take forever grooming her. And Si, who doesn't always enjoy being groomed, played happy pony the whole time. Pulled her mane, trimmed her, just generally got her to show condition. The kind of generally fussing I usually never have time for. And it was sooo nice and peaceful. Put the pony away and cleaned tack. Properly. Nobody there but me and the ponies - who nickered every once in a while gently suggesting that maybe I should feed them soon. Can't help but smile.

And so I found myself doing night feed feeling happy and relaxed and peaceful - when I hadn't even particularly wanted to be there. And *that* is why.


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