Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Winning the battle against perfection!

So I now understand now why none of the horses here are the *least* bit concerned about deer -- as I watched a herd in broad daylight treat the paddocks as an interesting gymnastic exercise (despite the path directly beside them :) But it was *very* kewl to watch.

As of 9:00 tonight I now have internet at home. Woohoo! hahaha and that would be the *longest* I've gone w/o internet at home since the internet existed! I will prob miss my lovely coffee shop though. Will have to stop in once in a while just cause *g*

Alright so to ride *well* you have to be able to use each side of your body equally and independently. Sure no problem right? But then consider all the things we do one way and only one way... When you're sitting with your legs crossed, you'll default to the same way every time... Or if you're standing w/ your arms crossed in front of you... Same thing. Ever try carrying your purse on the *wrong* side? Ok well now here's a challenge for those of you who work in a barn. Try, for one week, switching your hands... What do I mean by that? Well if you always sweep w/ your left hand on top of the broom, use your right hand there; I figure it'll take about a minute before you instictively switch back :) Or less. For myself, I discovered I use my left side for anything requiring strength and the right side for anything requiring dexterity. So for example I'll carry the grain bucket w/ the left hand and feed it with the right... I can sweep with either hand on top, but raking took some thought *g* Not sure why it's any different but sobeit. hahaha N if I need to balance something on my hip it'd better be the left side or whatever it is will be on the floor >;-P But it makes sense that the more evenly you can coordinate your body in day-to-day life, the better prepared you'll be to ride well... Or that's my theory anyways :)

Had my first *real* dressage lesson since I've been here today. What do I mean by *real* dressage? Well it was in a dressage ring of course! Clearly that's what makes it "dressage" instead of just "flat" hahaha. This would be w/ Smokey -- Sienna's not quite ready to fit in the dressage ring yet :) hahaha

XC tomorrow!!! woohoo!

Ok enuff randomness. Night!


I have been trying to do that for a year now!!!!! I still can't muck a stall backwards. But I have got crossing the legs perfect now :)


hahaha I'm the other way around -- I can handle all the backwards barn chores, but have to really work to cross my legs backwards, and carrying a purse on the other shoulder is just not going to happen!


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