Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Movin' on up :)

So super exciting (to me) news that, on International Women's Day, is now public and I can share....   2021 is officially NOT just an extension of 2020.   lol as of mid-April, I will have a new role at RBC as the Head of the GAM PMO in North America.  Woohooo!!!

So for those not in the acronym loop (the bank LOVES their letters) -- GAM = Global Asset Management, a part of the bank I know exactly nothing about.  lol so I'm excited to get to learn a completely new business.  I have vague ideas that the personal side it has to do with mutual funds and there's a significant commercial side that does... ?   Well I'll find out :) 

PMO is a Project Management Office -- this part I do know inside and out and backwards and forwards but it'll be my first time leading one.  Also this is a technology team which should add an entertaining aspect to things.  Maybe I'll finally use some of that CS degree???  lol unlikely. 

New business, new team, new stakeholders, and significantly increased responsibilities.  Going to be an entertaining year.


Congrats! Knock 'em dead. Well, not literally. ;)


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