Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Fun and games in today's virtual reality

Awesome boxing today with online friends :)  And I figured out how to box outside!!!  Lol given the whole winter situation in real life, this was lovely :)

Loving the outdoor boxing!
Also, this class was impossibly hard and I loved it.

Dancing I left the mat maybe half a dozen times?  lol - I have a gym mat that's ...?  idk maybe 6' x 6' which fits just inside the boundaries of my virtual world...  So I know if I step off the mat, I'm in danger of hitting a wall, or gym equipment, or whatever else.  Super handy.  Dance, RacketNX, and now SuperHot are the ones where I find it happens a lot.  

Do NOT play this in a small space.
This is a beginner level, because I'm awful at it and watching me play would be painful ;)
Higher levels have much more cool stuff - skulls, floating targets, moving targets, etc

Also, Dance is the only game where I tend to step off my safety mat backwards?   Lol it would seem I *really* don't like being at the front of the class, even in virtual.  Beat Saber and Boxing you lose if you're not standing in just about the right place, so they pretty much save me from that.  Although one of the boxing ghosts walked across my play area today so that was moderately entertaining ;)

For the curious, this is the second half of a beginner dance class...

On a joint recommendation I tried SuperHot which I had stayed away from as it's a shooter, but it's a very odd shooter -- I had better luck using my gun to punch people.  😂 I only have the demo version but was quickly getting a decent workout playing it.   Serious issue in that I travel ALL over the place with this one.  Like my poor little mat didn't stand a chance.  Which definitely increases my risk of injury significantly lol.  The premise of this is that people are attacking you (why?  What'd I ever do to them), but they only move when and as fast as you do.   So if they shoot a bullet, you can dodge it (which feels very matrixy, I'm not gonna lie), and if you need the chaos to stop for a bit, just stop moving.   But I honestly had no idea what I was doing or why, and mostly waited till the people got close and then punched them.  Did get my heart rate up though, so will certainly try it again.

Vaguely related, I got this feedback from Fitbit, that sadly does not align with my week for blogging purposes but was still interesting to read.  I don't believe for one second that everything improving is sustainable, but it was still nice to see :)    

Also Mon was my first day ever (well ever since selling the riding school ;) where the "active" percent was higher than the "sedentary" percent so woohoo!   Tuesday followed, alas today will not.   Way too much typing required both for real work and school work.   I basically get up when the fitbit buzzes, run around the house for my 250 steps, and then sit down again.  

Alright, back to writing the stuff I'm supposed to be writing today.


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