Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Escape from reality

So I got to escape to the cottage for a few days and it was amazing.  Sasha did *all* the running around with multiple walks, swims, and ball/squirrel chasing excursions each day.

One thing I got to try for the first time was paddle boarding.  I've wanted to try it for quite some time, but wasn't sure I'd enjoy it.  Mostly cause I feel like I should enjoy canoeing and kayaking, but I don't actually like either.  But this one for some reason I really enjoyed.  There were no boats out, so the lake was still and quiet; it was so peaceful.  I kinda wanted to just paddle out to the middle and lie down and float for a while to soak up the quiet.  The best was when a duck paddled alongside me for a while.  

Super relaxing

And then, to balance it out, I went sea-dooing ;).  Always good to top off some relaxation with some adrenaline.  I have done that before, but not since I was a teenager.  And again, with nobody on the lake, we could really enjoy :).  Even managed to get some air time skipping over Linda's wake :)

So yeah, All the Fun.

Sad that summer's over, and wasn't nearly long enough a vacation, but was still a really excellent refresh :)

And I was super-pleased to see the Candy Store has so far survived COVID and was open for business; my annual allotment of Jelly Tots has been secured.  Important things in life.

Sasha was absolutely exhausted on the ride home


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