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Road trip?

So as you may know, I've recently readopted stabbing things as a hobby.  I'm finding it remarkably therapeutic :).   And a couple weeks ago I got linked into a FB group doing a "stitch along" that releases weekly.   It's not cross-stitch, and I wasn't sure if it was something I'd love or hate...  But I was toying with the idea of joining in -- only 27 weeks late ;). And then I saw one done in a colour scheme that I *loved*.   Hmmm suddenly want to join.

Well of course Michael's doesn't carry this brand of thread.  Amazon does, but it's got an insanely long wait time.  Oh well, order it and continue my search.   Lots of places in the States have it.  But apparently only one in Canada.  Down side -- it's in London.  Plus side -- it's in London.   Lol as in London is about 1.5h drive from here -- so it sucks for a $5 purchase but is way better than Vancouver would be!   They do have online ordering, but shipping was going to be 3x the cost of the product and weeks to deliver.

So I check to see if I can cancel my Amazon order.  Nope - shipped.   Still weeks out, but shipped.  And then I looked closer -- I had selected the wrong weight.  Not a thing with thread I'm used to, but this is a company that mostly sells to a different market -- including crochet. Yeah - my "thread", if or when it arrives, is going to be closer to the size of wool.   Fail.   Fortunately Amazon has an excellent return policy ;)

Wake up this morning and was just kinda thinking through what I wanted to do today; Chris was already at work, so I decide I'm going to London to get the thread I want.  Why not?  lol.  Look on their website -- you have to book an appointment?!?!   Thanks COVID.  And the only remaining times are 10:45 or 4:00.   Well 4:00 sucks.  10:45....  hmmm mad googling to see if I can make it by then (it was about 8:45 by this point).   Yes, if I leave in the next 15 mins.  lol np.   Text Mum to see if she wants to road trip to a craft store on zero notice (as in, we have to leave now) and she's in -- and even offered to drive!

So yes -- all of this to say I drove 3h today to pick up thread.  I am both highly amused and horribly saddened by this realization.

Worth the drive to London


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