Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

New friend

Snorkelling this am was really nice.  Once I reacclimatize to breathing under water it’s so quiet and peaceful and the fish of all the colours are almost hypnotic to watch.  I was definitely the last back on the boat ;).  The guides were great and pointed out some things I otherwise might not have seen.  I also had my little camera with me, but haven't pulled the pictures off yet :)

This afternoon we went ATVing.  And, well, I think I’ll stick to horses ;).   It was great to go through some backroads though and get to see some of the country.  Also splashing through the water was all kinds of fun - at least once I realized that unlike horseback riding, hanging on with your thighs here is a Very Bad Idea.  Ow.   Lol.  But omg so dusty.  So incredibly dusty.  Trying to get the gunk out of my eyes was worse than removing cheap mascara.   Part way through we stopped at the grocery store for beverages etc.  That’s the only time I’ve gotten to actually use any Spanish so far *g*

Also, after the trip I met absolutely the cutest, snuggliest puppy after...   my heart melted.

Just the cutest


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