Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Wednesday Wakeup

So last night I very carefully calculated what time I’d need to get up this am to go to the gym and get to work on time.  To be clear - I do this almost every day as I very much value my morning sleep.  Only thing slightly different is this wk my start times are all over the place.

Fast forward to this morning.  Really fought hard to drag myself out of bed and only won the battle because tomorrow I have to be at work too early for the gym (gym doesn’t open till 6 so if I have to be at work before about 8:15 with transit times it doesn’t work).

So I made it, did my workout.  Then had a complete panic I was late.  Raced home to the fastest shower ever (so much for my planned luxuriating) and flew out the door.  No time to pack either breakfast or lunch.  Fail.

DID catch the train I randomly decided it was critical I catch.  Half an hour before the one I needed to get to work on time.  It’s that kind of week...


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