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A trip down memory lane

It’s Labour Day wknd and Mum and I are driving from Oakville to Fredericton (about a 14h commitment for those not familiar with the area ;).   For several years of my life this was an annual trek each year as I relocated to uni.  This year, it’s just for fun ;).

When I was at uni, I was mostly broke and definitely did not have a car, which meant little to no exploring happened.  So this year, Mum and I are doing a short Maritime road trip.  Woohoo!

The drive out was fortunately uneventful.  We crashed for the night and then visited some old haunts in Fredericton.  I even got myself a UNB sweatshirt - which I always regretted not doing when I was a student, and am disproportionately pleased to have remedied this situation *g*

After Fredericton we drove to Magnetic Hill, outside of Moncton.  Here gravity works backwards.  You drive down this hill, put the car in neutral, and it pulls itself back up the hill.  Both creepy and unbelievably cool at the same time.  Science says it’s an optical illusion and in-fact the hill is reversed of how it looks.  Blah on science - our car definitely went uphill, backwards, by itself.  Lol I have video to prove it.   But yeah - I did not expect that to be anything worth mentioning but it was a very impressive example of how unreliable our senses are.

We had been tentatively planning on heading to Charlottetown tonight, and on the way home were going to visit Hopewell Rocks, which I’ve always wanted to see.  Well one of the cool things there is to kayak at high tide- but google said that’s only an option until Sep 1.  Hmmm perhaps, given that it’s like an hour from here, we should go there first - while it’s still August ;).  So first step I called (actually called - like found and used the phone portion of my cellular device) the kayak company to see if we could get a spot.  Well both the normal tours are full, but this is one of the few days of the year with an extra long high tide, so they’re running a third tour and it has space!  Win!  So booked into that, moved Charlottetown reservation by one day, and found somewhere to bunk in Milton for the night.

Super excited :)


Just came back from doing a similar trip. Didn't get to the Magnetic Hill this time but I remember LOVING it as a kid (when road trips to Plaster Rock, NB were an annual thing). BTW we stopped last week in Shediac on the way back from PEI, and it is a really cool little town -- with a giant lobster that is a must-see. :-)


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