Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


Lol sometimes there are no words....   But I'm still going to try to describe -- with words ;)

So Chris and I had pizza-free January.  We were discussing continuing this trend into Feb (cause admittedly we were eating a *little* more pizza than perhaps would make Canada's new food guide ;) -- but agreed we needed a cheat day in-between.

Sweet.  Wonderful, greasy, deep-dish Dominos ordered.   And since I had some errands to run in that area, even ordered it for pickup instead of delivery.

Errands meant that it should definitely be ready by the time I got there.   There was a bit of a line, so by the time I got to the front I figured I'd be able to get my food and go.

But alas, was not to be...

So customer service person looks it up, goes to the back to check, and tells me "it's just coming out of the oven; will just be a couple minutes."

Okay no problem, I get being a couple mins late on a busy day.  I go to pay, "oh no - you just pay when the pizza comes out."

"But..."  But no, despite complete lack of logic, I'm directed to wait.   Okay, so be it.

A couple other people come in and pick up their orders.  Nobody around.  CSR is puttering around doing other things.   Person who ordered right before me (actually ordered, not a pick up) gets their order.  Ummm what?

So I flag the guy down -- could I at least pay for it, so when it's ready I can just go?

He asks the name again and goes back to look.  Not ready.  Brings it up on the computer and...

"... we don't have the order."

I'm sorry, what?  "You told me it was coming out of the oven?"

"It doesn't look like the order is here."

So, why didn't you tell me that the first time I stood here?

"Well it's busy."   Wtf?!?!  

So I can understand busy.  I completely understand tech failures.  Had he just told me, the first time, that they didn't have the order I could've re-placed the order and moved on with life.  But no, instead somehow in his little brain he felt that lying to me was the solution?   I still can't get my head around how he planned to solve this...   How long was he going to leave me standing there waiting for a pizza they knew nothing about?

I'm just so stunned by the whole thing.

Suffice to say it's still a pizza-free 2019...  


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