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A little bit of paradise

Had an amazing time in Grenada -- a tiny island at the south end of the Caribbean.   Temp was 30 degrees and sunny every day.  We had about 1h of rain one day (nap time!) and other than that it was perfection.  The beach was flagged green every day except the last and the resort was half empty, meaning we always got ideal beach seats :)
Notice how few people were on this gorgeous beach...
The country is very hilly with steep twisty roads.  Even our resort -- to get from the main area to our room involved going up a flight of stairs or two, down a hill, and up another hill.  And then up the three flights of stairs to our room ;).  It's the first beach vacation I've ever come back in better shape than I left.  And since it we had perfect weather, I actually kinda loved it.  Would not have enjoyed it in inclement weather though.
Loved the waterfall :).  And the swim was fun too!
We did a day trip that covered the whole island.  I learned really fast to take ALL the anti-nausea meds before getting in any vehicle!   Island trip started off with a waterfall, which I loved, and included stops at a nutmeg co-op (interesting, labor intensive, process.  Learned a lot though -- not hard given that I was starting with absolutely zero knowledge.).

I never knew mace grew on nutmeg...
We also hit up a chocolate shop (less interested in this process, but I loved the fact that when the coco tree is going to die, it sprouts new limbs/tree in its place), and a rum factory (this was interesting in that they were trying to be historically accurate in their processes -- but oh so labor intensive).  All of these had high potential for interest, but while all the presenters were knowledgeable, none were particularly good story tellers.   I had more fun wandering around the other areas than on the actual tours.
The rum factory is powered by a water wheel...
We stopped briefly at some crashed airplanes...

Interesting, but an unusual tourist attraction.

We went to see monkeys, but the monkeys didn't want to come see us.  Can't blame them really, but still sad :(.  The goats weren't too thrilled either.
Not as cool as a monkey, but still was highly amused by the expression ;)
And we went to Carib's leap -- where the last of the native people threw themselves off a cliff rather than submit to French rule.   The country has a fairly violent history for such a small island (~340 square kms, and 100,000 people).   Even in recent history -- the US put an end to a war in the 80s.   Anyways -- was a long day, but lots of pretty scenery.  I did feel it could've been a better tour though.

I loved the colours everywhere!
Another day we went to St Georges -- the closest city.  Played in the fort for a while -- I love that they've repurposed the few usable rooms; one is a gym for the police who's HQ is attached to the fort.  Was also highly amused by running around to create Chris' 360 image; it's on Facebook for the curious - sadly I don't seem to be able to steal it for here...
We went through the tiny tunnel -- very cool.
Then wandered around town for a while before catching the bus back to the resort and beaching all afternoon :)
Again, the colours!
One day we went on a catamaran snorkelling tour.
Just keep swimming...
This went to the underwater sculpture park, which was created to encourage coral to regrow after the hurricane Ivan destroyed significant amounts of the island.
I found this *really* creepy...
Trip also went to do some normal snorkelling too, and then a lovely sunset sail...

Not a bad place to spend an evening
Other than that, we mostly hung out on the beach.  Relaxing and lovely.   The resort itself was tired and mostly empty.  Apparently they're putting lots of money into renos, but there wasn't a ton of evidence of it.  Food was good, but very limited selection and times.  Most of our trips we booked through Dexter, random dude Chris met within about 30 seconds of being there.  Dexter had been recommended on trip advisor so figured we'd give it a go.  He was not welcome on the actual resort though, which I found fairly amusing.  Also had a massage on the beach one day from one of the local women and bought a few things from the tiny market at the end of the beach.  Pedlars here were way more respectful of "no thank you" than any other resort I've been at.

Loved watching the waves on the rocks the one day the ocean was awake.
The hotel was all of about a km from the airport.  Awesome for not having to leave early :). And no issue with plane noise -- at least in part because there are so few flights.  People coming to this resort appear on Monday and Thursday only.
Upstairs has the real pool and lunch area
Overall, wasn't my favourite trip in the world and I'm not in any hurry to go back, but I did really enjoy it.  I certainly would go again eventually -- but I think only when I want a vacation that is literally just beach -- maybe 20 or 30 years from now ;).  Cause there's really not much else to do.  And well, no food or drinks I enjoyed.  First beach vacation where I've ever lost weight!   But the people were lovely, and - at least at the moment - it's not nearly as touristy as many of the other islands are.  It's also not a third world country which is nice.  And English is the first language, which logically I should like, but I actually found took away from the fun of vacation.  I have a strong suspicion that's just me though ;)

And still more colour :)


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