Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Procrastinating? No... I just wait till the last second, because I will be older and therefore wiser.

Well I'm running out of January, and yes, in fact, this blog post is procrastination while I try to think of anything to write for Friday Flash.  I have one story, but I'm not thrilled with it, so would really prefer another.  Consider yourself forewarned, tired, stressed, and desperate does not usually lead to my best writing ;)

In the interim, I *did* get my "one thing" done for the month -- the cd's are, in fact, all uploaded.  Woohoo!  Can't say gold start to me cause, well, no flash yet ;).  But bronze star maybe?

The fitness games continue -- I get new videos starting either this weekend or next week.  IF I'm allowed to continue.   Why wouldn't I be?  Right, more surgery.  Yeah -- found out on Wed, there's too much scar tissue so they're going in on Mon to try and remove it.  I was less than thrilled.  Wish me luck.

More amusing are my Spanish lessons where I'm now decidedly at the point where a little bit of knowledge is a bad thing ;).  How so?   Well before I was forming the simplest of sentences, always in present tense, and never more than a couple words.   I'd also, more often than not, immediately repeat it in the form of a question in English to see if I'd said what I thought I'd said.   hahaha but now I'm starting to have, still very simplistic, conversation.  And I can only imagine it is painfully brutal to listen to because I am SO slow.  Sometimes syllables of words become their own words because they're so spread out while I try and determine what the ending of a word should be.  But I am actually able to have very simple conversation -- to a degree (google or my teacher sometimes have to feed me a word or seven).   However, this can lead to all kinds of confusion.  Most of which stems from when I create a sentence that is grammatically and logically correct, but doesn't actually say what I meant to say ;).    For instance, I'm going to Granada in March with my husband (true fact!) became I'm going to Granada in March with my brother.   hmmm not so accurate.   Or I'm going to my parents' for dinner became my parents are coming to my place for dinner.  This lead to all kinds of confusion as he was asking me if they'd be staying over and I'm thinking 'it's their house, of course they're staying'???   lol.   These kind of random completely confusing things happen probably 50% of the time.   And at least once after taking like five minutes to form one sentence and needing help with every third word I ended it with "I give up" and finished the sentence in English.  To be fair to me -- said particular topic was way beyond my current abilities.  Let's be honest -- most topics are ;-P

Hey maybe I should write my flash in Spanish -- then it wouldn't make any sense to anybody; whether you speak the language or not!  It'll be a master piece *g*

Alright -- that's enough babbling.  I have just under an hour and a half to go write my first story in what? About a year?   Wish me luck!


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