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When work doesn't feel like work

So had a bit of a different day today.  Spent the morning volunteering at a home for adults with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.  Essentially assisted living.  We were painting rooms in one of the apartments.

I kinda love the giving back to the community aspect of RBC -- it's good to be involved with.   Was also super interesting to learn about a segment of the community about whom I otherwise have little to no knowledge.

In this case, residents ("members" as they prefer to be called) who are semi-independent live in apartments in groups of three.   Each apartment also has a support worker who helps them with basics of cooking/cleaning/finances/outings/etc.  Some of them have jobs, others are involved in day-programs.

There were six in our group and another six coming for the afternoon.  We were doing four bathrooms (in two apartments) and some baseboards.   All good except that we had more people than paint brushes, so there was some down time.  Frustrating for a group of type As, but otherwise it was a great morning and I got to learn a few new things :)

And then it was a race to get back to work for the first of the afternoon meetings ;)   You know, my actual job.  hahaha   And after day two of P90X3, not sitting at a desk all day was probably a good thing ;)


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