Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


As a child, I always figured that one of the perks of adulthood was that I wouldn't be able to be grounded.  I now know differently *sigh*

The surgery went well -- or so the surgeon says.   I have no way of judging as the next one isn't scheduled until the end of August, and I won't be able to see clearly until after that.  However, the restrictions are making me feel like a grounded teenager.  Seriously.  No car, no horse, no activities, limited screen time.  Is that not the definition of grounded?  Add to it an inability to lift more than five pounds.  This one has been a challenge -- especially given that we're in the process of moving.  I'm pretty sure even my laptop ways more than five pounds.  It's not like I'm trying to break the rules; they just don't even occur to me.  Like bringing in groceries -- nope.

On the plus side -- I can focus for noticeably longer periods every day and the headaches have been much less lately.  And it was all kinds of nice to get to live with my husband for a week -- what a concept ;)   Back to work on Monday -- if I pull that off without a migraine strength headache I'll be good to go.

And that's enough screen time for me.  Have a good weekend!


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