Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Thanks Murphy.

There are days I find it challenging to find something to write about.  When work's the day-in day-out type of regularity, my horse is behaving herself, and life is generally quiet and peaceful.  bahahha I can't believe I just wrote that.  I'm sure that's happened at some point in my life, but I can't think of when.  But really, there are boring meh days in anybody's life.  That being said, during the last few months finding something to write about has been less of a challenge.  Even the boring aspects of wedding planning seem interesting to a surprising number of people.  Which, in turn, keeps me writing them.  And other than firing the wedding planner (I *had* a whole big post about that, but I don't think I ever posted it), it's all gone reasonably smoothly.   Right.  Apparently there's a rule in the universe that wedding planning must contain drama.  If the key players don't choose to instigate it, an external force will *sigh*   I was pretty happy with how things were going.  There are still way more things to do than time to do them, but all the key pieces are accounted for.

Then Murphy and Loki came to play *sigh*.   Went for my dress fitting, remarkably excited even though it's still a chore.  There's something fairytalesque about getting dressed up in your wedding dress.  Still so very surreal.  Anyways -- I went to put it on...  And it promptly fell off again *sigh*

Okay fine -- go out holding it up, where the seamstress gives me an odd look.  I haven't lost any weight since ordering it; it should fit better...  The sample even fit better.  Seamstress comes over and checks: size 14.  Yeah.  You could fit two of me in there.  Sheesh.

So we get the sales-ladies involved.  It's a mother-daughter team that run this store and while both were busy with other parties, both became very involved in trying to figure out what had happened.  The mother was visibly shaking -- I'm guessing having the wrong dress a month before the wedding has a pretty strong Bridezilla potential ;)   They showed me the paperwork, I guess wanting to prove they'd ordered correctly, and told me they'd call first thing in the am.  They also checked every dress in the store - twice - to make sure mine hadn't simply gotten switched.

The seamstress, meanwhile, said if it was all we had, she'd make it work.  But her eyes seemed dubious.   We asked about the sample and found it was an 8 -- far more likely we could make that fit.  So I leave figuring three options: either the right dress comes in, we take the sample and alter it, or I go back to the other store which had my size in stock of dress choice 2 and take it instead.  Seriously disappointing but not tragic.

But of course it would happen to me.  Sheesh.  Was all I could do not to roll my eyes.  Really?  Awesome.  Or the opposite thereof.

Anyways -- they did call me the next day.  Apparently the dress that came in belongs to a woman getting married in April.  Mine is there and ready, just needs to be shipped.  I should have it on Tues.  Trying to make another appointment with the seamstress on Thurs (Wed she's in Binbrook and I really don't want to drive all the way there if avoidable).  So we'll see...

Fingers crossed :)


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