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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Shakespeare goes XC schooling

Sometimes I find random parts of my life choose to intersect in very unusual ways.

The one that really made me laugh this week was when I was schooling Lexi XC on Tuesday.  I talk to baby horses a *lot* when I ride.  Less so once they know what they're doing, but I usually find the greenbeans responds pretty well to a calming voice.  Or alternately, sometimes a growling or a cheering voice.  And sometimes all three on one jump *g*  Regardless, the end result is a sometimes ridiculous rather one-sided conversation.

Sometimes the conversation is practical.  Counting strides is an old standby of mine.  "Steady" or "wait" are others.  "Good girl" is pretty much a given on take off -- leading to all sorts of wonderful facial expressions *sigh*.  Etc etc.  But sometimes not so much.

So I was riding Lexi toward the baby house, and there was another house right next to it.  What do I find myself saying?  "Two houses...  Both alike in dignity.  In fair Verona where we lay our scene..."  Bahaha yeah it was just random enough that it totally took all my concentration off what I was supposed to do *g*  One of those, where did *that* come from moments.  And then I was even more annoyed I couldn't remember the next line.  Yeah, I'm a geek, what can I say.   But she jumped both of the dignified houses, so it's all good.  And yes, I know it's actually households -- but we were jumping houses!  Work with me here.
Straight and centre -- not half bad :)
And not only did she do houses, but the scary coups, the up and down banks (down took some work), and the ditches!  Super pro-star with the ditch; I was pretty stoked about that.  And then she got two days off to recover *g*   Well more because of the heat than the xc, but still.  She was lots of fun to ride stupidly-early this am.  hahaha ah well.
Lexi over the baby ditch
And with that -- it's off to sleep for me.  To sleep, perchance to dream.  A thousand times good night :)


Your blogs always make me smile Lauren as I totally get it! Lol! I talk all the time to the babies and sing songs that give me the rhythm for walk, trot and canter when I'm schooling.:D Have learned almost a ventriloquist's art in a stressage test so the judge doesn't see my lips move. Hee hee!


hahaha totally with you on the ventriloquism :)


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