Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Now would you please stop raining on me?

Pilates today was sort of entertaining.  For reasons I don't entirely understand, our superstar trainer decided it was Boot Camp day.  Holy Frig.  I'm going to be some sore tomorrow!  hahaha oh well.  But what made it entertaining was there were a group of girls there about my own age who are clearly long-term workout buddies.  It was the pilates version of me teaching Steph, Paula and Kirby together *g*  For those who haven't experienced that -- there's a lot of giggling, a fair amount of decent riding, and a generally good time.  And whoever else happens to be in the vicinity seems to enjoy it even if they don't have a clue what's going on *g*  So I was definitely on the outside of this circle -- it's rare for me to say more than a word to anybody here, but I was still highly entertained.  And it made the brutal workout just that much easier.

So I went to the trophy store today -- did you know there are trophy stores?  hahaha of course there are - that just makes logical sense - but it's one of those things I've never really thought of before.  I was looking for a trophy for our show series champion and potentially one for the barn that can have a name added to it each year.  When I was looking through the selection of horse trophies I have to say I was appalled by the equitation of the riders jumping *sigh*  Clearly the artist's work wasn't vetted by a pro before the molds were made.  Even though the horses were great, I couldn't give an example of horrible riding as a reward for excellent riding!  hahaha so those were rejected, but I eventually found one I could handle.  However, in that search I found an *amazing* big one with excellent eq *g*  It was meant more as art than trophy but I'm convinced it could work for our in-barn trophy.   They're trying to figure out how to mount it that way, but hopefully at some point, we'll be good to go :)

It just amused me as one of those things I never thought of as being part of the job :)  One of my favourite things about running my own business has been learning all the non-horse-related odds and ends...  Sourcing ribbons and trophies (the stores for most of which don't have decent websites btw -- what century are we in???  Sheesh!), mastering the art of social media marketing, minoring in old-school marketing and flyer design *g*, accounting (omg shoot me now), functioning for weeks on a couple hour's sleep (oh wait, I actually learned that in uni! I *knew* there was a reason I went there! :), sourcing team clothing (for she who hates clothes shopping), psychology (starting to think my uni degrees would've been more useful to me in my current job if I'd gone that route -- I sometimes think $700 Pony's "Trainer/therapist" title is fairly accurate),  basic photography and photoshop 101 (yeah for previous career :), delegating (theoretically so easy but ridiculously hard for me to do sometimes!), learning to ask for and accept help (even harder than delegating!), carpentry (I still have a *long* way to go on this one!) and and and...  hahaha but it keeps life fun and interesting.

hahaha anyways - after some more running around and several phone calls (one for fun -- happy birthday Kerri!!! and the rest for work - possibly my least-favourite job requirement) and other odds and ends it was social hour :)   Amy, Steph and I met up at the movies to see Beautiful Creatures.  After some confusion as to *which* theatre we all made it in lots of time.  We stocked up on junk food and headed in -- to discover we had the whole theatre to ourselves!  Woohoo!  hahaha way to feel spoiled.  We could laugh and comment and put our feet up and be all kinds of at-home with no worries of spoiling somebody else's experience.  So much fun!  And it helped that the movie was much better than I'd anticipated :)  I'm really not picky about movies; I'm pretty good at suspending reality for a while -- but always nice when you expect nothing and get something *g*

Oh and the subject line?  Quote of the night :)   Although there were several good one-liners in that movie.


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