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Silly Sasha Story

Simply Stunning
Sasha was so cute in puppy class this week. Working on retrieving - each person throws their toy into the pile (one at a time) with all people/dogs in a big circle around the outside, and the dog has to go get it and bring it back.

So most of the dogs either go get it and come straight back (as they're supposed to). Or fail horribly and don't get it at all. But Sasha? Oh no. She be-lined it to her toy and picked it up, and then trotted her way around the entire room, just a few feet away from each dog, all proud of herself, pointedly showing every dog (and person!) what a great toy she had that was ALL HERS and *then* coming back to sit at my side. hahaha omg I love my dog.
The "look what I've got" trot :)


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