Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Puppies make everything more fun - even snow.

As some of you are aware, I *really* don't care for winter.  But I have to say, watching Sasha play in her first *real* snow was pretty entertaining.  hahaha she was bouncing around alternating between digging head-first into it and trying to catch the flakes and/or the snow that she (or I >;-P) kicked up.  A happy puppy is an entertaining puppy :)

She is however, starting to be a *big* puppy.   Puppy school needs to start sooner rather than later :)

So HUGE thanks to Paula who's spending most of her vacation helping me at the barn.   Starting to get to the point now where I can actually make some progress on the non-horse side of things :)   Woohoo!   Should have rider level stuff up this week, and March Break camp info is up.   Slowly getting there.   Lost some people in the move so now have a few spaces at most levels for new people -- if you know anybody interested, bring them in!

So tomorrow's list of things to do is about 8 day's worth, but hey - gotta start somewhere right?   And Paula finds herself with her first full barn day *also* being the first snow day.  Horrifically brutal.   But luckily for me, she's awesome :)



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