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Equestrian Air Bags?

Ok so I admit when I first heard that subject, my thought was airbags for the trailer... Yeah not so much. hahaha heard about this today: Equestrian Air Bags -- for use over a traditional crash-vest, they inflate when the clip is detached from the saddle... Apparently significantly reduce neck/back injuries. All good. But what happens the time when your horse quits and you end up on her neck... A salvageable situation most of the time -- but not if airbags suddenly explode on top of the horse!

Ok I'm sorry, but I couldn't take this "safety" video seriously when their demo rider wasn't wearing a helmet! But anyways:

The German version of this commercial is significantly better (and way more amusing :) but for some reason it has disabled embedding. What company doesn't want their advertising sharable? Strange. There are a ton more if you care to browse youtube -- some seem more reputable than others. But the general idea? Thoughts?


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