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The rules

So my students are almost all aware of my rules of eventing, but today I found another list that I think should be considered.

Our current rules:

1. Keep horse between rider and ground.

2. Be happy.

3. Just keep kicking!

4. Take credit for flukes.
4a. Corollary – never discount the power of luck.

5. Jump First = Jump Alone.

6. It doesn’t have to look pretty.

7. Remember, you can ride as fast as your horse can run.
7a. Corollary – never ride faster than you can steer.

8. Stadium is simply dressage with speedbumps; therefore, learn your dressage.

9. YouTube videos should NOT be tried at home.

10. Think positively – Scary jumps are just there to eliminate the competition.

This new list has only 4 rules:

1. Leave together and come back together

2. Don't scare the spectators

3. No crying in Eventing (unless its with sheer joy in the moment)

4. Nobody cares on Monday

Now looking at the two lists together, I realize our current rules are for riding in general (with the possible exception of the last one), whereas the new list is all about competition. So I propose to my show team that we adopt their list as "show rules" hahaha thoughts???

List came from a blog I stumbled upon this am - "Confessions of an AA Event Rider and Convicted Over Thinker" I have, ummm a few students in this category :) hahaha give it a read - you'll have fun. And know that you are definitely not alone :)

In other notes - working on getting us both barn clothing and show team clothing. Coming soon!


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